Ernestine Joy


Relevant Experience

EA/ Hiring Manager/ AI Admin from Mar 2023 – Jun 2024

Sales Advisor for General Motors US Account at Concentrix Philippines Feb 2022 – Mar 2023

Senior Agent for T-Mobile Account at iQor Philippines Jan 2021 – Jan 2022

Customer Service Representative for Sprint Account at FIS Global Solutions 2019 – Jan 2021

Customer Service/ Sales/ Chat Support for Telstra Account at Teletech Philippines 2018-2019

Customer Service Representative II for AT&T Account at Ibex Global Solutions Sep Jan 2018 – Sep 2018

Technical Support Representative at Alorica Inc. Jun 2016 – Dec 2017

Tools: Asana,, Notion, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc., Google Workspace, Xero, Mailchimp, Honeybook, Square, Squarespace, Pixlr, Canva,, Slack, Microsoft Teams, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Meta Business Suite, Midjourney, ChatGPT-4, DALL·E image generation










    Key Area of Expertise

    Executive Management

    Lead Coordination

    Database Management

    Years of Executive Assistance Experience

    1 year

    Educational Background

    Computer Programming

    States Supported

    US, Australia, India

    Classified as an Aspiring Talent in the real estate market. Exhibits high DS adaptive personality traits. Persuades others on the team through perseverance, and determination to get the project completed. May tend to be most productive when working alone and undisturbed. Will provide an objective and vocal opinion when you feel strongly about an issue or procedure. On the job, persuades others with patience and persistence rather than emotion and sales. Able to demonstrate patience in working with people, but also maintains a bit of an emotional distance from others on the team.

    DISC Summary

    Internet Speed Test

    Exceeds Expectations – 198.41 Mbps download and 144.84 Mbps upload for primary (Converge) and 135.04 Mbps download and 92.34 Mbps upload for secondary (Globe)

    Typing Test

    Exceeds Expectations -​ 62.11 WPM with 95.83% accuracy

    Desktop Specification

    Exceeds Expectations  – AMD Ryzen 7 with 8GB RAM on Win11