Gilbert B.


Relevant Experience

Operations Support Specialist for Brivity VA since September 2022, specializing in Appointment Setting, Lead Generation and Database Management. 

Real Estate Inside Sales Associate for US Asset Realty managing 400 leads daily from July 2020 to June 2021. Experienced in Circle Prospecting.

Customer Services/Sales Representative for Bell Mobility through the business process outsourcing industry from February 2022 to June 2022.

Tools Used: Brivity, Ring Central, Mojo, Skype, Microsoft Office Tools, WordPress, Google Tools, Meta Business Suite, Canva, YouTube Studio, Asana, Mailerlite, Mailchimp









Key Area of Expertise

Executive Assistant

Lead Coordination

ISA/Appointment Setting

Database Management


Years of Real Estate Experience

2 years 4 months

Educational Background


States Supported

New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado


Executive Summary

Classified as an Aspiring Talent in the real estate market with experience as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant.  Exhibits high CI adaptive personality traits.  Maintains high quality control standards while also being sensitive to the needs of others on the team.  Wants to be seen as one who can help initiate complex processes and activity.  Motivated to bring a high optimism and a desire to win on projects and assignments.  Shows a special characteristic of being able to help others on the team to visualize the activities necessary to lead to success in a complex project or design.  Shows the rare ability to handle both the people-side and the detail-side of a project with equal poise and confidence

DISC Summary

Internet Speed Test

Exceeds Expectations – 187.066 Mbps download and 173.63 Mbps for upload for primary connection (Globe).

Typing Test

Exceeds Expectations – 53.52 WPM with 100% accuracy.

Desktop Specification

Exceeds Expectations

 11th Gen Intel(R) Core(™) i5-1135G7 CPU @ 2.40 GHz 16GB RAM on Win 11