Relevant Experience

Inside Sales Associate for Consider It Done and Call Star Pro from April 2020 to May 2022.  Real Estate General Virtual Assistant for MavRealty from November 2022 to June 2023. Familiar with the tools: Brivity, Dotloop, Mojo, Citrix, Podio. 










Key Area of Expertise

Executive Assistant

ISA/Appointment Setting

Lead Coordination

Database Management

Years of Real Estate Experience

2 years 8 months

Educational Background

Aircraft Maintenance

States Supported

Florida, Texas, California

Executive Summary

Classified as Experienced Talent with over 2 years of experience as a real estate virtual professional. Exhibits high CI adaptive personality traits. Job related decisions are made by gathering facts and considering the needs of the people involved. Maintains high quality control standards while also being sensitive to the needs of others on the team. When offering individual or team criticism, will usually do this in a positive and constructive manner, so that no one loses self-esteem. Has the ability to carry out detailed action plans and verbalize the steps in an articulate manner. Shows a high degree of conscientiousness and thoroughness in handling any project. Tends to be considerate of others on the team and persuades in an assertive manner without being demanding. Shows the rare ability to handle both the people-side and the detail-side of a project with equal poise and confidence. Because of attention to both people and quality control, has the ability to contribute to a pleasant and efficient work environment.

DISC Summary

Internet Speed Test

Exceeds Expectations – 421.15 Mbps download and 370.59 Mbps Upload for primary connection (Globe) / 6.70 Mbps for secondary connection (Globe)

Typing Test

Exceeds Expectations -53.03 WPM with 95.45% accuracy

Desktop Specification

Exceeds Expectations – AMD Ryzen 5 2400G with Radeon Vega Graphics 3.85 Ghz 16Gb RAM Windows 10 Pro