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Browse our real estate virtual assistant talent by role and experience level with Brivity Virtual Assistant’s Talentfolio – our curated roster of virtual professionals who have been vetted, recruited, and trained by us. With Talentfolio, you can view past experience, skills, and DISC profiles to know which virtual real estate assistant best aligns with you and your business needs. As a client, you’ll receive immediate access to candidates ready to interview and start tomorrow.


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Save time and eliminate frustration – find your perfect virtual professional immediately with Talentfolio.

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How do Brivity Virtual Assistants for real estate stand out?

Our goal is to match you with the best of the best and establish a partnership that reaps the rewards. How do we do this? We position you for success with our rigorous vetting process, where only 5% of candidates make it through. Doing this right from the start puts you in a position to win long before you’re ready to interview and choose your new team member.

We also know the value of having affordable real estate virtual assistants that are committed for the long term. That’s why we take great care in attracting and retaining top talent with competitive compensation, retirement planning, and health care benefits. With us handling these responsibilities, you have less to worry about and can fully invest your energy back into your real estate business.

Already a Brivity Platform customer?

Here’s how Brivity Virtual Assistants for real estate can help!

  • Brivity Boot Camp graduates, extensively trained to manage your Brivity Platform
  • 100% transparent with live screen tracking, web usage, and computer monitoring
  • Supported by Brivity Expert Success Coaches and Trainers
  • Experienced in real estate and custom-matched to you
  • Launched with a free seat in your CRM and tools to communicate with your team
  • Endorsed by Ben Kinney
Brivity Platform users save $250 each month when they hire a real estate virtual assisant through us.

How do we make your success our priority?

Custom-curating a list of top real estate virtual assistants based on your business needs to deliver the most impact.

Thoroughly screening and vetting every candidate; only the top 5% make it through our interview process.

Providing support from real estate and technology experts to optimize your business success.

What types of tasks can a Brivity Virtual Assistant take off your plate?

We provide various real estate virtual assistant services so you can free up your schedule to focus on revenue-generating activities that grow your business.

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Inside Sales Agents

Let your inside sales agent for real estate keep your pipeline filled with hot prospects by verifying buyers and sellers, lead nurturing, and appointment setting.

Real Estate Admins

Rely on your real estate virtual assistant to handle administrative and operational tasks that bog down your day so you can focus on clients, recruiting, and lead gen.

Transaction Coordination

Have your virtual transaction coordinator manage paperwork, deadlines, and client communications, earning you more repeat and referral business.

Marketing Coordinator

Let your marketing virtual assistant grow your social media accounts and brand authority by promoting your business and listings on your favorite channels.

How do we make the hiring-process hassle-free?


Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your needs and where leverage will give you the most ROI.


Access our curated Talentfolio featuring a full roster of highly talented virtual professionals, ready to interview and start today.


We onboard you and your new hire with our team of real estate experts and coaches to ensure quick and continued success.


With your new team member up to speed on how your business is organized and managed, they can get to work!

How does a real estate virtual assistant benefit your business?

  • Takes tedious non-income generating tasks off your to-do list.
  • Gives you time to focus on what you do best–closing deals.
  • Prioritizes giving clients and leads five-star service.
  • Helps you manage budgets without reducing headcount.
  • Increases your production and hourly rate.
  • Creates more opportunities to provide clients with five-star service.
  • Save a business up to 78% in operating costs.
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