Krizel Anne


Relevant Experience

Real Estate Contact Center Associate for Realpage from January 2017 to April 2024 managing leasing inquiries for multi-family apartment homes and senior living communities in the US via inbound calls and chat

Real Estate Inside Sales Associate for US client from January 2020 to December 2020 managing 200 dials per day and 3 appointments daily

Customer Service Representative for US companies through the business process outsourcing industry from 2010 to 2017

Tools: Salesforce, Twilio, Genesis. Level One, Oracle, Mojo, Zillow









    Key Area of Expertise

    Executive Management

    Lead Coordination

    Database Management

    ISA/Appointment Setting

    Customer Service

    Years of Real Estate Experience

    7 years

    Educational Background


    States Supported


    Classified as a Significant Contributor in the real estate market. Exhibits high DC adaptive personality traits. Highly aware of the dangers of making mistakes through hasty decisions, individuals prioritize caution and thoroughness. They may stand out as one of the rare members of the project team who has meticulously read all of the ‘fine print’ in policies or procedures. Importance is placed on having accurate data as the foundation for decision-making, and individuals are diligent in providing facts to support any statement they make, while also expecting the same level of supporting documentation from others. They recognize the need for prompt action but also emphasize the importance of analyzing facts and data before reaching conclusions. This balanced approach extends to decision-making, where individuals possess a rare skill of skillfully weighing both intuition and data.

    DISC Summary

    Internet Speed Test

    Exceeds Expectations –  75.75 Mbps download and 53.19 Mbps upload (Globe)

    Typing Test

    Exceeds Expectations -​ 71.15 WPM with 99.38% accuracy

    Desktop Specification

    Exceeds Expectations  – AMD Ryzen 5 with 8GB RAM on Win11