Lucia Bernadette

  • Real Estate Appointment Setter for Family First Life from January 2019 – January 2021
  • Real Estate Appointment Setter for  HomesIn  from January 2021 – November 2021
  • Real Estate Lead Manager/Disposition Manager/ Executive Assistant for Rapid Assistants from January 2022 – December 2023

Experienced in using tools such as Call Rail, Line Two, Smart Phone, Mojo, Podio, Re Simply, Docusign, Canva,Mailchimp









Key Area of Expertise

Executive Assistant

ISA/ Appointment Setting

Lead Generation

Database Management


Years of Real Estate Experience

4 years 11 months

Educational Background

 BS Nursing

States Supported

New Jersey, Ohio, North Carolina, Florida, South Carolina, Virgina

Executive Summary

Classified as a Significant Contributor in the real estate market with experience in the field of Lead Generation and Social Media Marketing. Exhibits high IS adaptive personality traits. On the job, may tend to say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’ when asked to help out with a colleague’s project or problem.  On task, you show a high degree of persistence in working on projects, especially over the long haul.   Patient, polite, and creates an environment of good-will for internal and external stakeholders.  Tends to have a ‘long fuse’ and are not easily angered while on the job, although may take some of the anger and vent it at home.  May be sought out by others in the organization to assist with a personal or team problem.  Prefers to establish relationships for the team or organization that are based on long-standing contacts, rather than brief superficial communications.  Shows the rare ability to be a calming influence on angry people, because of your active listening and high degree of patience and optimism.  Is known for being sensitive to the needs of others on the team.

DISC Summary

Internet Speed Test

Exceeds Expectations – 29 Mbps download and 29 Mbps for upload for primary connection (PLDT), and 24 Mbps for the secondary connection (PLDT).

Typing Test

Exceeds Expectations – 36.99 WPM with 91.41% accuracy.

Desktop Specification

Exceeds Expectations – AMD Ryzen 5 5500U with Radeon Vega Graphics 2100 Win 11