Relevant Experience

  • Appointment Setter and Client Success Manager at Yokly from May 2022 to March 2024
  • General Virtual Assistant at Better Than Rich from July 2023 to February 2024
  • Account Associate at VXI Global Holdings (AT&T Telecommunications) from April 2020 to May 2022

Tools: Bitrix, Vast Action, Basecamp, 3cx, Just Call, Google Voice, Skype, Hubspot, Google Suite









    Key Area of Expertise

    Executive Assistance

    ISA / Appointment Setting

    Lead Coordination

    Database Management

    Operational Management

    Years of Real Estate Experience

    1 year and 10 months

    Educational Background


    States Supported

    US, Canada

    Classified as an Aspiring Talent in the real estate market. Exhibits high DC adaptive personality traits. He is motivated to be creative and becomes bored with routine work, always seeking new problems to solve. When handling assertive and aggressive people, he responds in a blunt or critical manner. He is able to look at a project from both a big-picture perspective and the details and minutia that contribute to each step. On the job, he enjoys developing unusual responses or new ideas/solutions to existing problems and is motivated by having authority equal to responsibility. He is also driven to be an initiator of creative new ideas and is seen as an agent of change within an organization. Additionally, he develops new systems and procedures to increase efficiency or quality control.

    DISC Summary

    Internet Speed Test

    Exceeds Expectations – 50.46 Mbps download and 94.72 Mbps upload for primary (Smart) and 49.9 Mbps for secondary (Globe)

    Typing Test

    Exceeds Expectations -​ 29.39 WPM with 95.74% accuracy

    Desktop Specification

    Exceeds Expectations – AMD Ryzen 7 with 16GB RAM on Win11