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Brivity Virtual Assistants is dedicated to providing real estate professionals with affordable and reliable real estate virtual assistant services.

Our mission

With decades of experience in the industry, we understand the hard work and dedication it requires for real estate professionals to deliver the dream of home ownership. This insight drives us to be the leading choice of real estate virtual assistant companies. Everything we do centers around our mission of positioning real estate agents to win more business, give more to others, build more wealth, live more experientially, and do more good by providing indispensable real estate virtual assistants dedicated to their business growth and success.

Join hundreds of agents who choose to work with the leader of real estate virtual assistant companies to help them keep production up, costs down, and get valuable time back.

Ben Kinney, founder of Brivity Virtual Assistants, one of the leading real estate virtual assistant companies

Our founder

The genius behind the leader of real estate virtual assistant companies

“I’ve used virtual assistants for the majority of my real estate career and built my business from them working hard on all the tasks that suck up my time. Because they were able to clear my calendar, I’ve been able to focus on what I do best and grow my business.”

– Ben Kinney, Founder of Brivity and Brivity Virtual Assistants

In 2013, top-performing agent Ben Kinney founded Brivity, an all-in-one platform whose innovative tech, proven systems, and models guarantee success in real estate.

With Brivity gaining momentum all over the country, Ben and his team saw an opportunity to create a real estate virtual assistant services company that provided affordable, dedicated, and experienced leverage for the real industry.

Established in 2019, Brivity Virtual Assistants has quickly become the leader of real estate virtual assistant companies for agents, teams, and brokerages looking to scale up and grow their business.

“At the core of our values is a deep desire to see our customers’ businesses succeed. When they join forces with us for leverage, we become a trusted partner driven by sustainable success and growth.”

– Bryce Waldron, Senior Director of International Operations, Brivity Virtual Assistants

All businesses need a team dedicated to achieving their business goals. That’s why we scout for candidates with a can-do attitude, a stellar work ethic, and a strong desire to succeed. After we thoroughly interview and vet each candidate, we choose only the top 5% to work for us and partner with our clients.

As the top choice of real estate virtual assistant companies, we understand what attracts and retains the best talent. That’s why we offer competitive compensation, a retirement plan, full HMO coverage, ongoing professional development, and a company-wide culture that values doing the right thing.

By recruiting and providing first-rate virtual assistants and supporting services, we position you to win.

Bryce Waldron, Senior Director of International Operations at Brivity Virtual Assistants.
A virtual assistant sits at a desk and looks at her computer screen with muliple people in a video call.

Our motto

“No one wins in life by doing it alone.”

– Ben Kinney

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