Andrea Beatrix


Relevant Experience

Transaction Coordinator, Graphic Design, Inside Sales Agent, Email Management for US Real Estate Clients via Upwork from August 2022 to September 2023.

Familiar with the tools: Dotloop, TransactionDesk, Glowtrack, Matrix MLS, Flex MLS, Bright MLS, WordPress, Podio, KV Core, Trello, Callrail, Canva, Zulumedia, Docusign










Key Area of Expertise

Executive Assistant

ISA/Appointment Setting

Transaction Management

Database management

Graphic Design

Years of Real Estate Experience

1 year 1 month

Educational Background


States Supported

Philadelphia, Arizona, Texas, Georgia

Executive Summary

Classified as Aspiring Talent with over 1 year of experience as a real estate virtual professional. Exhibits high Cs adaptive personality traits. Gives thought and mind-share on projects even when away from the job.  Motivated to maintain emotions in a cool, calm, collected, and controlled manner. Likes to do things correctly the first time. Sees the need to move quickly, but also the importance of analyzing facts and data before deciding. Likes to be aware of the rules, procedures and protocol to follow.  Displays disappointment when others don’t follow the same standards. Places importance on having accurate data on which to make decisions. Conventional, and a bit cautious about sudden decisions that impact quality or policy.

DISC Summary

Internet Speed Test

Exceeds Expectations – 168.53 Mbps download and 201.99 Mbps Upload for primary connection (PLDT) / 34.57 for secondary connection (Smart)

Typing Test

Exceeds Expectations -43.57 WPM with 100% accuracy

Desktop Specification

Exceeds Expectations – AMD Ryzen 5 3500U with Radeon Vega Mobile Gfx 2.10Ghz , 8Gb RAM Win 11