DJhoanna T.


Relevant Experience

Client Success Coordinator with Brivity VA from 2021 to Present, focusing on People Management, Client Success, Executive Assistance and Database Management.

Learning Manager for US Companies through the business process outsourcing industry from 2008 to 2021.

Tools used:  Brivity, Trello, Hubspot, Been Verified, Canva









Key Area of Expertise

Executive Assistance

Operational Management

Learning and Development

Database Management


Years of Real Estate Experience

3 years Client Success Coordinator for BrivityVA

Educational Background

Information Management

States Supported


Executive Summary

Classified as an Experienced talent in the real estate market. Exhibits high DC adaptive personality traits.  Motivated toward a freedom and flexibility to investigate and reexamine results and conclusions.  Able to look at a project from both a big-picture perspective and the details and minutia that contribute to each step.  Persuades others by being a pace-setter in finding solutions to problems.  Wants to be seen as assertive and at the vanguard of leadership in new, creative ideas and solutions. Shows dominance in many new situations and an ability to quickly analyze the facts.

DISC Summary

Internet Speed Test

Exceeds Expectations – 93 Mbps download and 92 Mbps Upload for primary connection (Globe)

Typing Test

Exceeds Expectations -​ 28 WPM with 90% accuracy  

Desktop Specification

Exceeds Expectations – 12th Gen  Intel Core i5 with 8GB RAM on Windows 11