Peter Paul


Relevant Experience

VA Cold Caller at Hypr Service from March 2022 – June 2023

Sales Consultant at Author Solutions from March 2020 – September 2020

Customer Support Specialist at Eperformax for Ebay from April 2018 – January 2019

Tools: Readymode, Ring Central, Hubstaff, Google Workspace, MS Programs, Canva, Skype, Zoom, Slack









    Key Area of Expertise

    Executive Assistance

    ISA/Appointment Setting

    Lead Coordination

    Database Management

    Years of Real Estate Experience

    1 year 2 months

    Educational Background

    Secondary Education

    States Supported

    New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Florida

    Classified as an Aspiring Talent in the real estate market. Exhibits high CS adaptive personality traits. Tends to judge others by objective standards, and wants to be evaluated herself by specific criteria as well.  Persuades others on the team by careful attention to detail, and through facts, data, and logic, not emotion.  Sets high performance standards for yourself and others, and expects all to meet those standards.  Brings a high degree of competence in product and process knowledge. Project decisions are made after careful consideration of all variables and inputs. 

    DISC Summary

    Internet Speed Test

    Exceeds Expectations -40.59 Mbps download and 42.21 Mbps upload for primary connection (PLDT) 

    Typing Test

    Exceeds Expectations -​ 40.15 WPM with 98.17% accuracy

    Desktop Specification

    Exceeds Expectations  – Intel Core i5 ith 16GB RAM on Windows 11