Real Estate Inside Sales Agent

Keep your database full of hot prospects with a virtual inside sales agent (ISA) that handles warm and cold calling and follow-ups with clients and leads!

Generate and Nurture More Leads

Calling prospects. Qualifying leads. Tracking nurture campaigns. These are all necessary lead-generation activities that keep your pipeline full of good leads. How would your conversation rate improve if you always knew who to speak to first and what to say to convert?

With the assistance of a real estate ISA, you’ll always have smart conversations because they are:

  • Generating more leads
  • Screening and qualifying those leads
  • Nurturing prospects
  • Following up with phone calls
  • And so much more!
Brivity Marketer Leads Screenshot
Brivity Marketer Leads Screenshot

Convert Leads Faster

With an affordable ISA virtual assistant on your team, you’ll be able to:

  • Focus on the hottest leads
  • Convert new deals faster
  • Build more meaningful relationships quicker

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What would your database look like if you never missed an opportunity?

You arrive at work ready to respond to leads in five minutes or less. Then, a seller calls wanting an update on their open house showings, your buyers text you with multiple questions, and you’re getting pinged with emails and CRM notifications. With each passing second, your speed to lead time drifts further from the conversion zone.

Communication is easier than ever, but it can be challenging for busy real estate agents to respond quickly enough, which means opportunities fall through the cracks. Busy schedules also make maintaining a consistent prospecting routine difficult. Your bottom line is dramatically affected without a steady flow of real estate leads coming into your database.

Dramatically increase your conversion rate with the help of a real estate ISA.

Our virtual real estate ISAs are here to boost your lead generation so your leads convert faster and your business multiplies quicker. These call crushers spend 100% of their time on lead gen, screening and pre-qualifying leads, responding to incoming calls, making cold and warm calls, and ensuring your CRM automation is firing correctly.

With trusted support on your team, you’ll never miss an opportunity and know which leads have moved from warm to hot. With more leads ready to convert in your database, you’re primed to have the right conversation at the right time and drive your business growth forward.

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Here is a sample of tasks a real estate ISA can do for you:

  • Screen and pre-qualify leads
  • Help with automated drip campaigns
  • Keep tabs on prospects’ progress
  • Make follow-up calls
  • Manage inbound calls
  • Track qualified leads
  • Set appointments
  • Manage inbound leads
  • And much more!

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