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Leveraging Brivity VA for business growth

Amanda Pohlman needed a winning structure to scale her Northeast Ohio real estate team. Having never used a CRM before, Amanda chose Brivity. The platform’s proven models and systems gave her team tremendous results in less than two years. They scaled from six to 23 members, increased their transactions from 130 to 262, and witnessed their revenue grow from $30 million to $80 million.


  • The Amanda Pohlman Team
  • Keller Williams
  • Northeast Ohio
  • 18 agents, two Admin, plus three Brivity VAs

  • Brivity Platform
  • Brivity VA
PLACE Partner and real estate team owner Amanda Pohlman.

Q & A with Amanda Pohlman

What problems did you solve by adding a Brivity Virtual Assistant to your team?

We have three virtual assistants. Our first was our database manager. He helps our agents pay attention to the things that need attention and reminds them of what they need to do to get the most traction for each contact. Without our virtual database manager, agents wouldn’t use Brivity at the current level they do now.

Our second virtual assistant rocks our world. She is our VA team lead and works part-time for one of our top agents who earned her leverage. The rest of the time, she handles team marketing and everything else that falls under the sun. She’s incredibly talented; we would need to hire five people to replace her.

Our third Brivity Virtual Assistant is our listing assistant. He prepares all our listings, coordinates the go live schedule, and ensures all of our Brivity Auto Plans run correctly.

What is the partnership like between you and your Brivity Virtual Assistant?

Our Brivity VAs are a huge part of our team. We celebrate their birthdays, anniversaries, children’s successes, and marriages. We have a lot of respect for what they do for us. We offer incentives for them to help us reach milestones and targets on different projects, like online lead gen or database management.

They are often in our huddles or training. As a Zillow Flex team, we manage a lot of online leads alongside our listing referral programs like Effective Agents and Fello. Our VAs help with managing those leads and are involved in conversations with third-party lead providers to ensure these funnels run seamlessly. Our Brivity Virtual Assistants are incredible; they are one of our secret sauces to success.

How was the process of selecting your Brivity Virtual Assistant?

The Brivity team selected fabulous candidates that fit our team’s culture and energy. We’re very happy to have been given the right people to interview from the very beginning. I’ve heard horror stories from other people selecting virtual assistants at other companies, but with Brivity Virtual Assistants, it’s never been a stressor or concern. Our VAs have been with us for a while now. Our first for three years, our second for a little over two years, and our third for around two years.

What would you say to someone who is considering adding a virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a brilliant way to add leverage to your business, and it’s usually at a fraction of the cost of a traditional hire. The low cost and the ROI make adding a Brivity-trained virtual assistant to your team priceless. Because we’ve unleashed the power of virtual assistants, we were able to downsize our team while maintaining high productivity.

Can you share how your Brivity Virtual Assistant helped you plug into the power of Brivity?

When onboarded with Brivity, we hired our first virtual assistant database manager. We knew we didn’t know what we didn’t know and needed the brains of someone that did. He helped us set up our Brivity database, showing us how to use tags and move people through the different stages (hot, watch, new, nurture, etc.). Overall, he helped get us up to speed on understanding the power behind what Brivity could do for us and our growing business.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Brivity has been a game changer, but many people say to me, “You got your VA from Brivity? I didn’t know they had VAs too.” I feel that pairing Brivity with a Brivity Virtual Assistant is the missing part for a lot of agents who want to scale and break through their sales ceiling. So, if you are considering Brivity, do not underestimate the leverage you have with their high-caliber virtual assistants. They are tremendous and have changed our business for the better.

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