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PLACE Partner and real estate agent Kallie Moulton.


Kallie Moulton

Building a Foundation for Growth with Brivity Virtual Assistants
PLACE Partner Claire Kilcoyne and her success stories.


Claire Kilcoyne

How Brivity Virtual Assistants Drives Growth
PLACE Partner and real estate agent Amanda Polhman.


Amanda Pohlman

Leveraging Brivity Virtual Assistants for Business Growth

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Brivity Virtual Assistants are instrumental to the success and productivity of my business—I highly recommend!

Syanna Swyers

Real Estate Agent, Colorado

My experience has been wonderful. I was able to select a virtual assistant that fits our team. She responds in a very timely manner, works hard, and listens to my feedback. Our entire team is so thankful!

Shonna Ruble

Real Estate Agent, Montana

We have two and love them. I could not imagine my business without them.

Jamie Estes

Real Estate Agent, Missouri

Our Brivity Virtual Assistant is amazing. We are very happy with him. He’s done more in a week than my last on-site assistant did in 3 months. Clone him!

Colleen Levitt

The Twins Team, Michigan

Our virtual assistant has been an asset to us. When we’re training her, she picks things up very quickly and I never have to tell her twice. She offers advice on how she can be more effective for us and helps make our processes more complete. She’s always happy and kind and we feel lucky to have her!
Theresa Brad

Munoz Home Group, Washington

We have 3! They are all fantastic. One has the potential to be an executive assistant. Love that you don’t have to train them on Brivity and they are coached as well.

Sharon Lindsey Hedgepeth

Real Estate Agent, North Carolina

The hiring process was so easy! We were specific about what we were looking for and interviewed several candidates before we picked our new team member. Very happy we went with Brivity Virtual Assistants!

Karyn Jennings

Director of Marketing Dow Realty Group, New Hampshire

My virtual assistant, Jessica, is amazing! We have done so much that I can now do the things that need to be done to build my teams. I couldn’t be happier and she is so easy to work with! Thank you so much, I’m a happy client!
Michael Osborn

MoreHomesAZ, Arizona

Our Brivity Virtual Assistant is amazing. She fits great with our team and handles whatever tasks our DOO gives her. She is on our daily Zoom power-ups and is an integral part of our team. Very thankful for her.

Jim Blehm

Real Estate Agent, Michigan

Our Brivity Virtual Assistant pays for herself over and over. She’s an awesome fit for the culture of our team!

Christin McCracken Kingsbury

Real Estate Agent, Arizona

In two days together, my Brivity Virtual Assistant and I have gotten more done than I’ve accomplished in two months’ time with in-house assistants in the past. I’m very excited to have him on board!

Sarah Forti

Forti Homes, Pennsylvania

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